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 Quick Start Guide
 1.    Ignore the training lessons
 The "training lessons" are worse than useless - they're both buggy and inaccurate.

Some of the lessons are impossible to complete because a waypoint or distination is non-existent in the sim.

Others are flat-out wrong, with real-world pilots and real-world flight instructors pointing out the errors.
 Go discover the world while discovering the sim.
 When the sim is first installed, it uses pretty reasonable defaults for pilot controls.

You may have to go into "General Options" (See the Configuring "General Options" panel for more info) to lower the default graphics settings, depending on your hardware.
 Guide to Keyboard and Gamepad Controls
 I've created some online guides for using the keyboard, mouse, and game pad.

You can use the with a tablet or smartphone, or open them in a browser window, for easy reference.

Unfortunately, not all the assigned functions actually work - YMMV, depending on your setup.

See the Downloads and Linkspanel for these and other useful stuff.

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