Microsoft Flight Simulator

 Fun Stuff

MSFS Activities

Discovery Flights are probably the easiest way to "learn how to fly."
MSFS Aircraft

Some of the available aircraft - gliders, ultra-lights, small passenger aircraft, airliners, jets, etc.
MSFS Airports

Custom airports available in MSFS

MSFS Custom Scenery

Custom Scenery for MSFS
MSFS Tools and Utilities

Reviews of Utilities and other add-ons I've purchased in the MSFS marketplace or found elsewhere.
MSFS Other Add-ons

Where to find 3rd party tools and utilities, and how to use them.

 Configuring Stuff

MSFS Configuring Flight Controls

Set the options for user controls, suck as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, Yoke, Flight quadrant, Rudder pedals, Flight Stick and HoTaS Throttle and panel switches.
Bind various user actions (eg: keypress or flight stick button, to actions the sim should perform, such as Landing Lights on or Engine start.
MSFS Pilot Assistance Options

Change various settings from easy to medium to hard and create your own custom settings.
MSFS Configuring General Options

Here you can optimize your sim for the balance of best performance/best appearance.

MSFS Quick Start

Quick guide to "getting into" flight simulator.
MSFS Content Manager

See how many packages you have installed, check for updates, uninstall useless packages.
MSFS Marketplace

A walkthroough of how to use the marketplace.

Sales start every Thursday-Friday.

 Other Stuff

Computer Hardware

If you're building ur upgrading a PC, here's ways to get the most bang for the buck.
Downloads and Links

Useful free downloads and links
Useful Sites

Handy list of some of the more useful sites for simmers.


Miscellaneous stuff.
Other Flight Sims

Notes about other flight sims on the market.

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